The IHDP approach

Who with

Health sector

  • Public Health Scotland (PHS)
  • Public Health England (PHE)
  • NHS National Services Scotland
  • Health Boards Clinical community

Research community

  • Academics
  • Third sector researchers
  • Policy makers

Digital and eHealth community

  • eHealth teams
  • NES Digital Service (NDS)

Patient representatives

IHDP programme partners

  • Scottish Government
  • University of Edinburgh
  • NHS Scotland
  • National Services Scotland (NSS)
  • Public Health Scotland (PHS)
  • Scottish Funding Council
  • Public Heath England (PHE)
  • Cancer Research UK

Key steps

Think about how wide your stakeholder groups need to be, and how you will identify and reach them.

Don’t assume you already know their views and experiences. Consider how you will find out about their contexts, challenges and enablers.

Impact Stories

The ways in which IHDP’s approach and activities contributed to improved outcomes and impact are shown through impact stories.

Cancer Innovation Challenge